Auris Tech Limited is pioneering Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for children’s read-speech, with its patent pending ASR model. This model has been devised in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh.

Football Survivor Is a Fantasy Football social betting game. Football Survivor is a much easier version of Fantasy Football; 1 player creates a league, invites all their friends to join and all put £10 into a pot. Everyone starts with 10 lives and picks the team they think will win during each game week of the Premier League. 2 lives are lost if your team loses, 1 life lost if your team draws and 0 lives lost if your team wins. The last player standing wins and takes the pot prize.

Qiktionary is a mobile application game where players use logic and deduction to unlock hidden words and so earn facts provided by Quite Interesting Ltd, producers of the popular BBC TV show ‘QI’ hosted by Stephen Fry. Each QI fact is added to a player’s ‘Qiktionary’, a dictionary of interesting facts. 200,000 downloads and over 2,500 user reviews with a global average of 5 stars to date.

The iTar is a novice and pro style interactive digital guitar that builds on the success of smartphones and social media to boost guitar learning, revive music gaming and open up the millennial generation to music instruments.

WeSee has developed a deep learning technology that can recognise objects and interpret human emotions in real time.

Sound Circles are short-format audio clips embedded into static images sent as social messages or posted as promotional experiences.

Sonicjobs is a virtual recruiter for hospitality & retail that looks to find the right candidates and jobs, instantly! Their Chatbot Julie combines occupational psychology, big data and AI to find, screen, score and connect employers with the right candidates. The platform now has over 70,000 job seekers and over 2,800 employers.

NextUp is a worldwide subscription video channel specialising in live comedy specials. For fans - NextUp offers a comprehensive catch-up and discovery platform, and for comedians - they preserve, showcase and monetise their work.

ZILVER is a ready-to-wear gender fluid brand created by a team that believes in ethical sourcing and sustainability. Founded by designer and creative director Pedro Lourenço (high profile designer, previously Creative Director at La Perla).

iynk a mobile geo-location based tattoo marketplace, connecting customers to tattoo artists.

Red Rickshaw is the UK’s largest online Asian grocer providing a one-stop shop for authentic Asian ingredients, spices and recipe meal-kits, delivered straight to the customer’s door-step. Their mission is to make scratch cooking of Asian and Eastern cuisine more accessible and easy-to-do. As well as supplying the hard to get authentic ingredients, their offering expands into the world of own label spice kits and recipe meal kit solutions.

MyMiniFactory is the “YouTube of 3D printing”, a world-leading 3D printable object-sharing platform, where 3D designers from around the world upload and share digital files that can be 3D printed on consumer-level, affordable desktop 3D printers. The platform was launched in 2013, with the ambition to become the go-to website for 3D printing content needs, in a world where 3D printers are ubiquitous.

* Represents current portfolio companies which have received or are due to receive EIS funding during the 2018/2019 tax year (subject to Investment Committee and Sapphire Capital Partners LLP approval and may be supplemented by additional investments)